Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Radio Mi Amigo (11845kHz)

Radio Mi Amigo International conducted high-powered special transmission on 11845kHz at 1700-1900UTC on September 24.  I checked the recorded audio clip of 11845kHz at 1700-1900UTC, and found that, although signal was almost sub-threshold level, vocal selections and announcement by male DJ could be noted occasionally.  One of the vocal selection as Masterpiece by Temptations.  I have e-mailed the audio file to ask whether program I heard was from Radio Mi Amigo.  Today I received QSL card (time was mentioned as 17-19UTC).  Although the contact address of the station was in Spain, QSL was mailed from Germany. I do not know the transmitter site of 11845kHz, but some hobby references indicated that they broadcast from Armenia.  They have a plan to have high-powered transmission at the end of October.

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