Saturday, April 7, 2018

Loggings on 04/02-07

(All times in UTC, u.o.s., month/day format)

 3325kHz RRI Palangka Raya: 1220 Indon w/ tlk, Indon pops. Weak on 04/06.
11825kHz AWR via Dushanbe: 1335 Thai w/ rel tlk. Poor on 04/05
11940kHz: R Romania Int'l: 1320 Russian w/ tlk. Fair on 04/03
13635kHz VoTurkey: 1205 Turkish w/ tlk. Poor on 04/02
13710kHz Missionswerk Friedensstimme: *1200-1230* Russian w/ rel prgr. Good on 04/07
13740kHz IRIB: 1145 Dari w/ tlk to 1150*. Weak on 04/07
17705kHz AIR: 1143 Chinese with opening mx. QRM/CNR. 04/04

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